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Yoga house on a cliff

for "Vale de Moses" yoga retreat

Year:  2020

Area: 150m²

Stage:  Competition entry

Location:  Vale de Moses, Portugal

Competition brief

Portugal is a land of the endless architectural inspiration. Portuguese cities and villages are woven of sloped streets and buildings connecting different levels of the relief. Many of them, being built of natural materials, stay in harmony with surrounding land- or cityscapes.

The very slanted construction site of the new Yoga house is exactly the case where different levels of the relief have to be interconnected in a smart way. Besides creating this connection, we decided to emphasize that character of the plot by putting a strong vertical accent.

The new Yoga hall provides a training floor floating over the cliff, making yoga guests “levitating” and creating beautiful views to surrounding valley.  

Positioning of the significant part of the house outside the proposed terrain shelf let us to create zen garden and communication ground on its sides. 


The building interior consists of two parts: first – a two-story block, containing kitchen, storage and dressing rooms and second – the yoga hall. Main entrance is from zero level. For fire-security and accessibility reasons, there is an alternative entrance (emergency exit) to the first floor, which is accessible through the ramp.

A fully wooden construction is based on wooden braced structure with pointed foundations, to minimize the earth works. The folded roof is heat insulated and covered with multilayer bituminose skin. Mineral wool insulation of walls, roof and floor will have natural ventilation to avoid humidity accumulation.

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