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Higher school of med. personal „GESUNDHEIT“ for Central Switzerland

Year:  2015 (QC Architects)

Area: 11000m²

Stage:  Competition

Location:  Lucerne, CH

A somewhat worn-out, level atmosphere without urban accents and little architectural or color diversity characterized the rather dreary quarter.

An education center project was conceived to become a magnet, an important meeting point in the hospital area that opens up to the city; a shiny building, a landmark that sets a counterpoint to the gray area.

The building resembles a cut stone due to its not orthogonal surfaces, which produce different light reflections. Its transparent glazed parts alternate with closed sections, cladded with natural stone, evoke an interesting interplay of inside and outside views. Sharp material transitions at the edges harden the building silhouette and support the metaphor of the cut stone.

A big, funnel-shaped opening creates a plaza-like entrance area on the street side, through which the public space is literally sucked into the building.

The building has a ventilated double facade. Two systems are provided for sun protection. A solution with external venetian blinds is planned for floors from basement to second floor. On the upper floors with the classrooms, rotating folding slats are used, controlled by the building automation.

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