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Armenian biodiversity information and education center

Complete reconstruction

Year:  2020

Client: WWF Armenia

Area: 200m²

Budget: 200'000 $

Stage:  built, completion phase

Location:  Yerevan, Botanical garden

Built in the 1980s, the entrance pavilion of the large greenhouse was in poor condition. This small building had a rather uncomfortable layout and an inhospitable interior.

While retaining the original architectural appearance of the building, we radically changed its "stuffing".


If we imagine the pavilion as a sector of a large circle, then the inner space can be divided into three concentric lanes: outer, middle and inner. We moved the main exhibition hall forward to the outer lane. This provided a good natural lighting and bigger size. On the sides of the middle lane, we have placed a training room and the staff offices. In the previously unused premises of the inner lane, there is now a bathroom and a kitchen.

A complete renovation of facility constructions from the foundation to the roof was carried out. All internal engineering networks have been completely replaced. The center got a modern integrated ventilation, heating and air conditioning system, based on VRV.

We hope the greenhouse part will be renovated next.

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